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1st International Conference: Dreams, Depth Psychology, body, soul and spirit

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1st International Conference:

Dreams, Depth Psychology, Body, Soul and Spirit

São Paulo, Brazil


  September 15th and 16th, 2023

Location: Instituto Sedes Sapientiae ( In-person and online via Zoom)


We are happy to announce the 1st International Conference on ‘Dreams, Depth Psychology, Soul and Spirit’, which will be broadcast in person and online.

​This Conference is hoping to bring together professionals, researchers, and scholars in an interdisciplinary context, to promote dialogue between topics such as the psyche and its relationship with spirituality, dreams, depth psychology, the body, and the spirit.

​The breadth of themes we hope will be explored in the lectures include -

  • ​ Jungian psychology, the numinous, and the sacred,

  • Dreams, spirituality, and the sacred

  • The interface between clinical psychology and the sacred

  • The dialogue between body, psyche and soul

  • The soul and spirituality



September 15th, from 5 pm to 9.30 pm


5 pm – 5.30 pm Event Opening


5.30 pm – 6.30 pm Rafael Cheng (Gems of Light: Dreams and the Sacred)

Moderator: Isadora Sandeville


6.30 pm – 7.30 pm Julienne McLean (The Diamond Heart: Interiority, Symbols, Soul and Presence)

Moderator: Paulo Henrique Curi Dias


7.30 pm – 8.30 pm Professor Gilberto Safra (Cartographies of the Soul: from the Body to the Spirit)

Moderator: João Pedro Alvera


8.30 pm – 9.30 pm Margaret Barker

The documentary O Encontro das Águas - The Meetings of the Waters broadcasts the encounter and dialogue between leaders of indigenous spirituality, from the Amazon, and leaders of the Orthodox and Catholic Christian traditions. The documentary discusses the importance of a global community that cultivates and exalts dialogue between different spiritualities, cultural otherness, differences, and plurality. A presentation and discussion follows the documentary broadcast.

Moderator: Isadora Sandeville


September 16th, from 8 am to 5.30 pm


8 am - 9 am Three workshops will be offered simultaneously during this period. The first workshop will be broadcast online to all participants and the other workshops (2 and 3) will be held only for the in-person audience.

Workshop 1 Patrycja Jackson (Dream Matrix)

Moderator: Marcia Neuman


Workshop 2 Dr. Luis Saporetti (Sacred and Singularity)


Workshop 3 Marilena Dreyfuss, Éder Gonçalves Caetano, Amana Perrucci Machado Comfort (From the Body to the Spirit: The Subtle Touch as Path)  



9 am – 10 am Professor Sandra Greger (Synchronicity: Symbolic Parallels in the Perspectives of Analytical Psychology, Quantum Physics, and Alchemy)

Moderator: Marcia Neuman


10 am – 11am Gustavo Barcellos (The Imaginal in Gaston Bachelard)  

Moderator: Marcia Neuman


11am – 11:15 am Break, tea, and coffee


11:15 am – 12:15 am Professor Peter Tyler ( Amada en el Amado Transformada: Psychological Symbols of Spiritual Transformation in St John of the Cross’ Spiritual Canticle

Moderator: Paulo Henrique Curi Dias

12:15 – 2 pm Lunch

2 pm – 3 pm A lecture and a workshop will be offered simultaneously during this period. The course will be broadcast online to all participants and the workshop (4) will be held only for the in-person audience.

João Bezinelli ( Jung: Body, Self, and Spirituality)

Moderator: Marcia Neuman

Workshop 4: Mara Castro (Authentic Movement)

Moderator: Marcia Neuman

3pm– 4pm Roberto Gambini (The Lack of Perception of Sacredness and the Crisis of Civilization)

Moderator: Gregory Caniche

4 pm – 5 pm Professor Paulo Toledo Machado (Traces of the Soul) 

Moderator: Marcia Neuman

5pm – 5.30pm Event closure

All lectures except for workshops 2, 3, and 4 will be broadcast online via Zoom and in person, in the auditorium of Instituto Sedes Sapientiae. Speakers can choose to present online or in person. All lectures will be transmitted in person and online via Zoom. Simultaneous translation from English to Portuguese and vice-versa will be offered.


Until July 16th, 2023:  £ 28

After July 16th, 2023: £ 32 

Book your place through the following link:

For enquiries, please contact: 

The Conference Commitee, 

​Professor Paulo Toledo Machado – Psychiatrist and Coordinator of the Jung and Body Post-Graduate Specialization Course (Sedes Sapientiae, São Paulo)

Rafael Hermes Honorato Cheng – MA in Clinical Psychology (University of São Paulo), Ph.D. student and Vice-Chancellor Studentship awarded at St. Mary's University, London.

​Professor Sandra Greger – Post-doctorate in Social Psychology (University of São Paulo), Jungian psychotherapist, Professor of the Jung and Post-Graduate Specialization Course (Sedes Sapientiae, São Paulo)

Julienne McLean – M.Sc., A.J.A. (London), U.K.C.P., I.A.A.P, Clinical Psychologist, Jungian Analyst, Spiritual Director, Author

Eder Gonçalves Caetano Filho - Has a degree in Psychology (University Anhembi Morumbi, São Paulo, Brazil),  Psychotherapist with a specialization in Depth Psychology and Body Work (Sedes Sapientiae Institute, São Paulo, Brazil).


Marcia Neuman - Psychologist graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP), Psychotherapist with specialization in Jungian Psychotherapy and Body Approach from the Jung & Corpo course, Sedes Sapientiae. Specialist in Couples Psychotherapy by Instituto Moreno. 

Mara Castro - Jungian psychologist, professor of the postgraduate course in Jung and Body (Instituto Sedes Sapientiae), Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Nucleus of Jungian Studies (PUC-SP). Experience in somatic approaches, mainly with Authentic Movement. 

For more information contact us at

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